Bingfu 20-1300MHz Police Scanner Antenna Radio Scanner Magnetic Base Antenna HF VHF UHF Two Way Ham Radio BNC Male Antenna Compatible with Uniden Bearcat Whistler Radio Shack Police Radio Scanner

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  • Gain: 7dBi;
  • Frequency Range: 20MHz - 1300MHz;
  • Compatible with: Amateur Radio; Car Mobile Radio; Handheld Ham Radio; Two Way Radio;
  • Public Radio Scanner;
  • Feature: Magnetic Base Mounting;
  • VSWR: < 2.0;
  • Impedance: 50 ohm;
  • Direction: Omni-directional;
  • Cable Length: 3m / 10 feet
  • Mounting Base Diameter: 45mm;
  • Cable Connector: BNC Male Connector Net
  • Weight: 78g;
  • Operating Temperature: -20°С ~ +80°С
  • Storage Temperature: -30°С ~ +85°С
  • Package List: 1 x Antenna (As the Picture Shown)

Compatible with Radio Scanner:

  • Uniden Radio Scanner: SR30C, Bearcat BC125AT, BCD436HP, BC75XLT, BCD325P2, BC355N, BCD996P2, BC365CRS, BCT15X, BCD536HP,BC345CRS, BCD996XT, BC278CLT, BC350A, BC350C, BC355C, BC340CRS, BC370CRS, BC700A, BC780XLT, BC785D, BC796D, BC860XLT,BC895XLT, BC898T, BCT7, BCT8, BC75XLT, BC55, BC60XLT, BC80XLT, BC72XLT, BC92XLT, BC95XLT, BC100, SC230, BC200, SC200,SC150, SC180, SC235, BC120, BC72, BC80, BC246, BR330;
  • Whistler Radio Scanner: WS1040 WS1088 WS1010 WS1080 WS1025 WS1065 TRX1 TRX2;
  • Radio Shack Radio Scanner: PRO-2018 PRO-197 PRO-650 PRO-163 PRO-405 PRO-528 PRO-668 PRO-94 PRO-404 PRO-95 PRO-62 PRO-83;

Compatible with Ham Radio:

  • Kenwood: TK100, TK200, TK210, TK220, TK300, TK310, TK320;
  • Icom: IC-V8, IC-V80, IC-V82 , IC-U82 ,IC-W32;
  • Motorola: HT440, HT90;
  • Maxon: HR, CP500, CP520, 1015;
  • Vertex Standard: 734, 834, HR146, HX300, HX320, HX400, CU32, CP/CS 5015, 0420;
  • Uniden: HH979;
  • Wilson: HH152, HH154, HH156, HH462 , HH464;

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