Bingfu 4G LTE Antenna 8dBi Magnetic Base Cellular MIMO TS9 Antenna 2-Pack Compatible with 4G LTE MiFi Mobile Hotspot Router USB Modem Dongle Adapter Verizon AT&T T-Mobile Sprint Mobile Broadband Modem

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Bingfu 4G LTE 8dBi Magnetic Base MIMO TS9 Antenna 2-Pack for MiFi Mobile Hotspot Router USB ModemBingfu 4G LTE 8dBi Improving the LTE Network Signal for MiFi Mobile Hotspot Router USB ModemBetter Signal Improvement Options MIMO TS9 Antenna 2-Pack for MiFi Mobile Hotspot Router USB Modem


Gain: 8dBi
Frequency Range: 698-960 MHz, 1710-2170 MHz, 2300-2700 MHz
Feature: with Magnetic Base Mount
VSWR: < 2.0;
Polarization: Linear Vertical;
Impedance: 50 ohm;
Direction: Omni-directional;
Connector: TS9 Plug Connector Adapter;
Net Weight: 143g;
Operating Temperature: -20°С ~ +80°С
Storage Temperature: -30°С ~ +85°С
Cable: 3m / 10 feet RG174 Cable
Package List: 2 x Antenna;(As the Picture Shown)

Application Devices

Compatible with Verizon Jetpack AirCard 8800L 7730L AC791L 6620L 4510L AC791L AC770S AC781S AC815s AC779S AC771S AC340U AC341U 5510L 4620LE 4620L MHS800L
Huawei E8377 E8372 E589 E5787 E5786 E5785 E5776 E5775 E5577C E5577 E5573 E5377 E5375 E5373 E5372 B618 B529s-23a B528s-23a UML397 E8278 E398 E397 E392
Sierra Wireless Mobile Hotspot AirCard AC802S AC801S AC770S AC763S AC762S AC760S AC754S
Sierra Wireless USB Modem USB885 USB888 USB889 USB597 USB598 AC250U USB301 USB302 USB305 USB306 USB307 USB308 USB309 USB310U USB312U
Sierra Wireless PCMCIA Cards AC503 AC504 AC402 AC501 AC502 AC503
AT&T ZTE Velocity MF923 MF985
ZTE R230 R212 MF980 MF971V MF970 MF95 MF93E MF93D MF91T MF91S MF91D MF910 MF91 MF90 MF61
MF287 MF282 MF821 MF668+ MF668 MF645 MF633BP+ MF633 MF626i MF60
Novatel Wireless 7730L 4620LE 4620L 4510L USB760 MC760 MC727 U760 U727 U727 C770 C777
Franklin MHS291L MHS800L MHS900L

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