Bingfu 7 Sections Telescopic 74cm AM FM Antenna Portable Radio Antenna Replacement (2-Pack) Compatible with Indoor Portable Radio Home Stereo Receiver AV Audio Vedio Home Theater Receiver TV Tuner

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  • 7 Sections Telescopic Antenna, Made of Stainless Steel; Antenna Length: 15cm - 74cm (5.9 - 29 inch); Mounting Hole Diameter : 2.5mm / 0.1 inch;
  • Easy to install; Great Antenna Replacement Part for Damaged TV and FM Radio Reception Antenna;
  • Compatible with Indoor Portable Radio, FM Radio, Home Stereo Receiver, AV Audio Vedio Home Theater Receiver, TV Converter Box, TV Tuner Receiver;
  • Compatible with Home and Office GSM Alarm System, Wireless Security Sensor Motion Detector Alert, Remote Control Toy Model, Frequency Meter Counter;
  • Package List: 2 x Telescopic Antenna; (As the Picture Shown)

FM Telescopic Radio AntennaFM Portable Radio AntennaBingfu Portable Radio Antenna


FM Radio 7 Sections Telescopic Antenna;

Feature: Indoor Mounting;

Max Antenna Length: 15cm - 74cm;

Compatible with: Indoor Portable Radio Tuner AV Audio Vedio Home Theater Receiver Stereo

Receiver Speaker Selector Music System, Television TV ATSC DVB-T DVB-T2 Internal PCI Card Set Top Box CableCard Tuner;

Improves Signal Reception;

Impedance: 75 ohm;

Net Weight: 68g;

Operating Temperature: -20°С ~ +80°С;

Storage Temperature: -30°С ~ +85°С;

Package List: 2 x Antenna; (As the Picture Shown)

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