Bingfu Waterproof Active GPS Navigation Antenna Adhesive Mount SMA Male GPS Antenna with 15cm 6 inch U.FL IPX IPEX to SMA Female RG178 Coaxial Pigtail Cable for GPS Module Receiver Tracking

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1. Dielectric Antenna
Center Frequency: 1575.42MHz ±3MHz
V.S.W.R: 2:01
Bandwidth: ±5 MHz
Impedance: 50
Peak Gain: > 3dBic based on 7x7cm ground plane
Gain Coverage: > -4dBic at -90 <0 <90 (over 75 volume)
Polarization: RHCP
2. LNA/Filter
LNA Gain Without cable: 28dB Typical
Noise Figure: 2.0dB
Filter Out Band Attenuation: (f0=1575.42MHz)
7dB Min f0+/-20MHz;
20dB Min f0+/-50MHz;
30dB Min f0+/-100MHz
V.S.W.R: <2.0
DC Voltage: 3V to 5V
DC current: 7-10MA
3. Overall
Frequency Range: 1575/1609MHz
V.S.W.R: 2.0
Gain: 30±3dBic
Impedance: 50 Ohm
3. Mechanical
Weight: 60 gram
Size: 35x30x15mm
Cable: RG174
Length: 3m
Connector: SMA Male Plug Connector
15cm 6 inch U.FL IPX IPEX to SMA Female RG178 Coaxial Pigtail Cable
Mounting: Magnet base
Housing: Black
4. Environmental
Working Temp: -40 to 85℃
Waterproof test: 4 hours under the tap, let the water rush over the housing;
Vibration: Sine sweep 1g (0-p) 10 ~ 50 ~ 10Hz each axis
Humidity: 95% ~ 100% R
Package List: 1 x Antenna (As the Picture Shown)

Compatible with: Vehicle Telematics; 4G LTE GPS Tracker Locator; Vehicle Real Time Tracking Mobile DVR Video Recorder; Bus Truck RV Van Security Alarm System; Vehicle Amateur Radio Mobile Radio;

Compatible with: Internet Of Things IOT; Machine-to-Machine M2M; 4G LTE Industrial Gateway Modular Modem Mobile Router; 4G LTE Cellular RTU DTU Terminal; Trail Camera;

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