Bingfu WiFi Antenna Extension Cable (2-Pack) RP-SMA Male to RP-SMA Female Bulkhead Mount RG316 Cale 60cm 24 inch for WiFi Router Security IP Camera Wireless Mini PCI Express PCIE Network Card Adapter

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Compatible with: WiFi USB Adapter Wireless Network Router Hotspot Mini PCIe Card IP Camera
Connector: Reverse Polarity SMA Female 50 Ohm Connector
Connector: Reverse Polarity SMA Male 50 Ohm Connector
Cable: RG316 50 Ohm Coaxial Cable
Length: 2 feet / 24 inch / 60cm
Impendence: 50 Ohm
Package List: 2 x Cable(As the Picture Shown)

  • Compatible with: Helium HNT Hotspot Miner, Lora LoraWAN Gateway Hotspot Module, Nebra HNT Indoor Hotspot Miner, RAK Hotspot Miner, BOBCAT Miner, SyncroBit Gateway, Wireless Network Router, WiFi AP Hotspot Modem, WiFi USB Adapter, Desktop PC Wireless Mini PCI Express PCIE Network Card Adapter;
  • Compatible with: WiFi IP Security Camera; Wireless Video Surveillance DVR Recorder; Truck RV Van Trail Rear View Camera, Reverse Camera, Backup Camera, Industrial Router IoT Gateway Modem, M2M Terminal, Remote Monitoring and Control, Wireless Video, Wireless HDMI Extender;
  • Compatible with: 5GHz 5.8GHz FPV Camera Monitor, FPV Drone Racing Quadcopeter Controller; 5GHz 5.8GHz Wireless AV Video Audio Receiver HDMI Extender;

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