Bingfu Wireless Microphone Receiver Antenna UHF 400MHz-960MHz BNC Male Antenna (2-Pack) for Wireless Microphone System Receiver Remote Digital Audio Mic Receiver Tuner UHF Ham Radio

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  • Frequency: UHF 400MHz-960MHz ; Gain: 3dBi;
  • Compatible with: Headband Headsets,Lapel Lavalier,Goosneck,Handheld,Headphone,Collar Clip Wireless Microphone Receiver;
  • Antenna Interface: BNC Male Connector;
  • Antenna Length: 215mm;
  • Package List: 2 x Antenna (As the Picture Shown)

Wireless Microphone Receiver AntennaMic BNCBNC Wireless Microphone System Receiver Antenna


Frequency:400MHz - 960MHz;

VSWR :≤2;

Gain: 3dBi;

Connector: BNC Male Connector;

Housing: Black;

Polarization: Vertical;

Directionality: Omni-directional ;

Nominal Impedance: 50 Ohm;

Diameter: 12mm;

Length: 215mm;

Weight: 50g;

Package List: 2 x Antenna (As the Picture Shown)

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